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With virtually the same packaging, but with a slightly larger screen with 4G connectivity. So the new LG Watch Urbane 2, the second version of the device's doll of the South Korean firm, which has unveiled this Thursday.

The new version features a slightly larger than its predecessor spherical screen. Their belts are interchangeable, in a movement approaching Apple with the Watch, its more customizable device.
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But the big news of East smart watch is that it is the first based on the operating system Android Wear that includes connectivity for LTE, the highest speed at the moment and also known as 4 G.

In this way, this «smartwatch» allows, once synchronized, use it without being connected to a parent device, usually a mobile phone. This decision gives it advantages, since it allows you to receive phone calls and perform some specific tasks that were previously restricted.

Another new feature is the inclusion of a button pro which gives quick access to other functions of these devices of doll, such as monitoring of physical activity and recipient notifications. The resolution, however, is slightly larger, reached a density of 348 ppp and incorporates a GPS system.

Often happens: someone pick up your cellphone and see something that should not be seen. Whether friend, family, or child smartphones contain all our lives, from photographs (more or less committed) to critical data about us. Can you hide this information?
Of course, you can. Some of the millions of available apps have costumes behind which hide their real functionality: serve as boxes of photographs, videos or other content. But there are more choices, of course, and on them we are going to talk about today: how to hide what you don't want anybody to see on your mobile.
The user, the 'official' option accounts
Especially for tablets, which are devices that are shared for example among the family. User accounts exist and may be an option to 'hide' true content, be it apps, pictures, galleries, etc. A user can only access their own respective, protected by password, and which in principle should be sufficient.
User Accounts Android
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However, the downside of this system is that for example iOS doesn't support it natively, and while there are informal alternatives we understand that these are not intended for the mass audience. There are quite a few reviews regarding why Apple has not implemented already this functionality, and in fact does not seem to do so in the short term.
Android, on the other hand, if supports this possibility since version 4.2, allowing multiple users in a single tablet, and also adding some parental control, as it is something thought that a parent can manage what apps are available to their children. Although it was initially only available for tablets, from version 5.0 Lollipop so is for phones.


While you previously had to choose between a casino game and dinner with friends, take today simply the online casino on your Smartphone or Tablet PC. A small distraction during the lunch break or the pastime in the railway belong to everyday life for many players. With a mobile app is a game on the way from anything in the way, but what about the graphics, security, and mobile portable virtual Casino offer?

The online casino is up to date and flexible

Who want to play a quick round of book of RA, had to sit in the past at his computer and was tied with his soft spot for slots on the House. Are the times when over, because the game offer there are practical for the Pocket and without download on your mobile phone or the tablet. But how safe it is if you sit in the car and playing for real money? That question preoccupies especially players who transfer large sums or in the game make a high profit they would be booked directly from the player's account to your reference account. Here it should be noted that the transfers in the and from the online casino via an encrypted server are made and are subject to high safety standards. Not a public hotspot, but your own secure Internet connection used for a transfer, are risks for the players.

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The flexibility takes up an ever greater part in the life of all people. On the go online shopping, Bankgeschäftige make and play belongs to everyday life. For online casino players a distinctive advantage, since they no longer need to sit on the computer and social life itself past let. Because star games require no download, a fast paced game over the phone of a friend into consideration can be pulled, it has forgotten its own device at home and looking for the quick distraction. Instead of looking after the missed bus at the stop and think about how you spend the next hour waiting, indulges his penchant in the player and uses the mobile game offerings on the Smartphone. The first mobile app came in bedraggled and graphically little more appealing execution attempts, but meanwhile there is no difference between the mobile casino for your pocket and the offer on the stationary computer is more evident.

Play mobile online is clearly a trend that is becoming increasingly popular and no longer binds the player to his local Internet connection. The star game app is a good example.
What did you try again? Sound similar to the name all this online strategy games in the app charts: "Clash of clan", "game of was: age of fire", "Empire: four kingdoms", "DomiNations", "Clash of Kings". It's only logical that the games for iOS and Android have the same basic principle: Kingdom of build, train soldiers, attack other players.

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What makes the games so successful, lets find out best by a small test - so the above games are downloaded all. And so a direct comparison provides insights quite: as is clear already after a short time, where is the developer of each other have inspired.
A consultant appears for example anywhere in the first few minutes, like a lightly clad woman, who explains the first steps of the game. And also which are similar: it all starts with a Woodcutter's hut or a gold mine. Then follows a warehouse for raw materials obtained, then the barracks, then it's the neighboring robbers on the collar. It's also fun at the beginning. Wandering happily around the subjects, and the settlement is growing at a nice pace. Our photo gallery offers insights into the games.

Strikingly similar to expire in all games, there's a reason: the recipe is successful. Supercell, the Finnish developer of "Clash of clan", made about $565 million profit 2014 alone with the game and the two smaller titles "Boom Beach" and "Hay Day". And machine zone, the developers of "game of was", apparently no worse off. Both companies earn enough to buy their games expensive commercials during the Super Bowl, with stars such as Liam Neeson and model Kate Upton in the lead roles.